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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

My Take On The Breakout of Monkey Pox In The SOUTH-SOUTH and SOUTH-EAST:

My Take On The Breakout of Monkey Pox In The SOUTH-SOUTH and SOUTH-EAST:

So before I go ahead to talk about the source of the said monkey Pox, I would like to send my heartfelt sympathies to the affected families in our region. Now more than ever we need to be cautious about our hygiene, where we go and whom we interact with. Whatever the source of this affliction, I am sure that our collective will as a people can fight it.

Now that being said, I want to commend the parents who have gone ahead to withdraw their wards/kids from schools. I feel it is a sane thing to do since we live in a system where medical care is backwards and irresponsible. It is best our kids stay home while we try to figure this one out. When Ebola came we fought it as Nigerians with a proactive government in power. We are only hoping that this present administration will give this issue the same fight we gave Ebola. Although their slowness to contain the meningitis (lassa fever and cholera) in the North (and other parts of Nigeria) should be a pointer to us all when it comes to situations such as these.

Please we should all be safe. Our kids more especially.

Now to the rumor which purports that the monkey Pox was introduced into the population by the Nigerian military. First of all I would like us to take a moment and think things through before we apportion blames. In as much as I am 110% behind our people as to what we have suffered in the hands of the Nigerian army in times past and present, I do not think the men of the Nigerian army will be so careless to Introduce such a virus knowing fully well that there is a free movement of people (from all tribes) from the SOUTH-EAST  and SOUTH-SOUTH to all parts of Nigeria on a daily basis. And as such any attempt to infect the Igbo people with Monkey pox will catapult round the nation.

That being said, I think our focus should be on our leaders (SOUTH-EAST and SOUTH-SOUTH  governors) and the APC led government in Abuja. We should demand for them to be proactive and responsible at times like this. Most families can hardly feed and it would be disastrous for a poor family to be Inflicted with such virus as the monkey pox. THIS IS BECAUSE A MONKEY POX IN BAYELSA OR AWKA CAN BE A MONKEY POX IN LAGOS OR KANO IN A SPACE OF 10HOURS.

We need sanity now more than ever. Let there be peace!!!

~ Chuka Nduneseokwu

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