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Sunday, 4 March 2018

'I Moved Out Of My Parents House Because Of My Mum"

A Nigerian lady shared the reason why she left her parents home. According to her, she constantly gets into fights with her because she's consistently reminding her how her mates are married, and she's still in their house. 

She said she doesn't have a problem with her father because he didn't disturb her, but she is uncomfortable living in the house because of his mother, so she decided to rent her own apartment. 

As seen of The Human of Abuja page;
"I moved out of my parent's house last month because I was always getting into fights with my mother. She was always reminding me day and night about how most of my mates are married and I was still in the house. Always comparing me with her friends' daughters that are married. It got to a point where the house because very uncomfortable for me. Day and night that's all she talked about.

My dad doesn't have any issues with my being unmarried. I am not the only unmarried 26 year old, but my mother always made it seem so. I decided to rent my own apartment in order to regain my peace of mind. My family house is here in Abuja and I rented a house here too. I think giving them some space is just the best decision."

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